Home Customization By Slaske Builders

When I first bought the land for my home to be bought on, I went with a building company that was the best of the best. I had decided that this since this house was going to be my dream home and take in all the remaining years of my life, this was going to receive the best possible. Mind you, of course, this was way before I had come into the business myself as my own building company.

When the house was finally finished, I was happy and excited, of course, but something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t exactly place my finger on what it was until one day I was driving home and I took a look at my house from afar as I drew nearer to it. I looked at the foundation and thought to myself, “This would have been better if it was built with quartz or something other than brick. I wish they had asked me.” That was it! I didn’t get a say in what building materials I wanted to use. That is where Slaske Builders different from what was the best of the best. Today, they aren’t the best anymore.

When you come to Slaske Builders, we give you an ideamensch.com styled interview and ask the important questions about what is going to make a home perfect for you. Choose your building materials, your layout, floor plan and customize every piece of the home right down to the door knobs to your liking. We will work with you on the finer details simply because we want a home to be part of your family.

No one really knows where the concept of home customization comes from, but I have a slight idea that this idea that was incorporated into Slaske Builders is the root and the birthplace of this freedom of unique expression of your home. Nowadays, other building companies offer very similar customize options and details, but none do it like Slake Builders.


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