About Ralph Slaske

As the owner of Ralph Slaske Builders, Ralph Slaske has served the Northwest Ohio area for the last 10 years by providing comprehensive and custom homebuilding services to clients throughout the region. With a focus on a client-centered, detail-oriented approach, Mr. Slaske’s business has enjoyed tremendous success and has long been considered one of the foremost providers of products and services related to every aspect of the homebuilding process. In addition to Ralph Slaske Builders, Mr. Slaske is also the owner of a number of other custom homebuilding companies, making it possible for clients to work solely with Mr. Slaske as opposed to having to endure the hassle of trying to coordinate with a host of different contractors and subcontractors throughout the building process.

Mr. Slaske founded Ralph Slaske Builders after years working in the corporate world, entering the custom homebuilding industry after so thoroughly enjoying designing and building his own custom home. Recognizing a relative lack of custom homebuilding services, Mr. Slaske founded his company on the principle that every effort must be made to bring a client’s vision of their dream home to life, beginning with a detailed consultation process in which a custom building plan is developed and ending when the finished construction meets the specifications outlined by the client during the initial planning stages.

With many years of professional experience as an engineer and a project manager at a highly regarded corporation, Mr. Slaske brings a unique perspective to the custom homebuilding industry due to his professional and academic background, which also includes a degree in engineering earned at the University of Toledo. Finding enjoyment in developing solutions to complex problems, Mr. Slaske is ideally suited for the custom homebuilding industry. While many builders would seek a compromise with clients to avoid solving a complex issue during a custom build, Mr. Slaske takes great pleasure in meeting any issue head-on by coming up with a creative solution to such issues so clients can enjoy the custom home they envisioned when they first enlisted the services of Ralph Slaske Builders.

A professional through and through, Mr. Slaske approaches each build with the knowledge that his clients are entrusting Ralph Slaske Builders with a project that may very well be the most significant investment of their lifetime. As a result, Mr. Slaske constantly reminds his staff that they are not building houses — they are building homes.