Slaske Builders

As Northwest Ohio’s foremost provider of comprehensive custom homebuilding services, Slaske Builders can point to countless homes throughout the area as proof of the company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and to the notion that a custom home should be built according to the specific requests of the client. Over the past 10 years, the company has worked with countless clients on every aspect of the custom homebuilding process from beginning to end, designing custom plans and overseeing construction until the project is complete and the work is satisfactory to the client.

Slaske Builders is serious about strictly adhering to the definitions of “custom” and “comprehensive,” as the company’s owner, Ralph Slaske, insists that there is no reason why clients should make such a sizable investment in a home without that investment benefiting from a truly custom and comprehensive approach. It is for this reason that Slaske Builders works closely with every client on the home’s design from the outset to ensure that it meets their precise specifications. The fact that Mr. Slaske owns several custom homebuilding companies means that Slaske Builders is able to handle every aspect of the custom homebuilding process, making the process truly comprehensive for the benefit of the client.

While the company has developed a reputation for its impressive customizations and its close attention to detail, clients have found that the process for building a home from start to finish is highly efficient and does not require an additional investment of time. With the ability to complete truly unique homes with a host of custom features in a timeframe consistent with many of the “cookie-cutter” homes being built, clients are often surprised to learn that there is no need to sacrifice quality workmanship or custom detail in exchange for a relatively quick build time.

Slaske Builders considers the needs of the client to be of the utmost importance, which is why the company works diligently to maintain an open line of communication throughout every stage of the process. Every effort is made to ensure that clients are able to benefit from a home that is built according to their exact specifications, as the company takes great pride in coming up with creative solutions to the complex problems that sometimes crop up during a custom build. Recognizing the size of the client’s investment, Slaske Builders makes every decision with the best interests of the client clearly in mind.