Jared Londry Discusses Custom Commercial Real Estate Building Practices

Jared Loundry Commercial Real EstateThe custom construction industry is often tasked with handling building projects designed to achieve a very specific set of goals, and those goals can vary widely depending on whether the custom construction project is for a residential property or a commercial property. Custom residential projects obviously depend mostly on matters of personal preference, but custom commercial building projects often depend on what is believed to be most likely to create the greatest degree of profit potential.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, custom builders would be wise to adhere to the views expressed by Jared Londry regarding commercial real estate value, as the broker has been principally involved in some of the most universally praised commercial real estate deals in recent memory. Whether it is the prime commercial real estate property located in Barclay Downs or the multiple office buildings sold for $39.5 million in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Londry’s expertise is clearly so highly sought after for good reason.

In discussing custom building projects designed for commercial use, Londry seems to be a proponent of the idea that the most critical factor influencing the value of commercial real estate — other than market demand, of course — is the building’s potential productivity in terms of generating income. Perhaps this is why custom projects have become increasingly appealing in a number of areas, as those seeking custom construction for commercial use have their own system of beliefs when it comes to designing a building for generating the greatest possible degree of income productivity.