Nick Alsis: Increasing Focus on Infrastructure Needs Has Construction Industry Poised for Growth

construction343535It seems as though the need for addressing the nation’s infrastructure is beginning to get the attention it so desperately needs, with presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle routinely including references in their stump speeches to restoring the basic systems that are so critical to daily life. Nick Alsis believes that this increased attention bodes quite well for the construction industry, as it is quite clear that the public recognizes just how necessary it is for the nation’s infrastructure to be addressed before even greater issues begin to arise.

Given that the construction industry is already enjoying increasing growth on a nationwide basis, there is already some concern that there will be a need to recruit more professionals into all levels of the construction industry if current and future demand is going to be met. As Nick Alsis points out, this is a problem that most industries would love to have and it is also one that should not be all that difficult to address before the massive industry growth begins in earnest.