1 Stop Maintenance Reviews Contractor Ralph Slaske

Every business, product of the business and even CEO of the business has their reviews. Everywhere you go, you’ll find someone who has an insightful opinion either of their own experience with the business or of someone else’s experience. Certain setups, such as the way apps on a smartphone are contained in the AppStore, only allow a person to review the product after it had been installed and tested for themselves. This approach helps cut down on the thinking of giving a product review, whether positive or negative, simply because a friend gave a positive or negative review. It does happen.

1 Stop Maintenance called upon the services of contractor Ralph Slaske after having read some of his reviews on social media and on blogs scattered throughout the web and decided to give Mr. Slaske’s custom home building business a go. “I was not expecting from Ralph Slaske the professional customer service and incredible detailed work of craftsmanship that I received from Ralph Slaske,” said 1 Stop Maintenance CEO. “Everything was done perfectly. The reviews I had read don’t give him enough credit to do him or his business justice,” he continued .

1 Stop Maintenance CEO gives a detailed description of his new home in Ohio saying the most impressive part to him from working with Ralph Slaske and his custom home construction business is being able to have the home made from the materials he chose. “With most homes I’ve lived in, the house was build for me just like every house in the neighborhood. Everything had to blend in and be totally uniform. There was no freedom to customize.”

1 Stop Maintenance CEO gives Ralph Slask two thumbs way up and high recommends his business to friends, family and employees saying everyone deserves a custom home to call their very own.